1. About Recent Search

As we believe customer as first priority always our team delicately work to improve the user experience to make ParkMeApp more user friendly and attractive. Based on the higher user request we received ParkMeApp now integrate Recent Search History. Recent Search History is a very useful feature where you will be able to find out your last 20 places you have searched recently.

2. Why do you need to use?

Recent History will remind you the last places you searched and if you need to search same place you just have to select it from the history list without typing again. This feature will be really helpful if you frequently using parking spot in selected areas. From one click all the parking spots get appeared where you need to find. The ranking of the places based on the no of times you have searched that specific location.

3. How does this work?

Open the map appear in the Home Page and tap on search field on top of the screen..

Select one location from Recent Search History.

View Parking Spots relevant to selected location via Recent Search History.

We appreciate your honest feedback and experience about this feature. Share your Experience below.

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