1. About this feature

We believe that it is important for our customers to make a rational and informed choice when it comes to picking their ultimate parking destination. Therefore ParkMeApp has incorporated this feature for the betterment of the ParkMeApp community. Now our users can compare the price rates and pick the cheapest and safest spot.

2. Why do you need to use?

We have realized how it may be difficult for you to pick the best spot to park your vehicle from many options. It’s important to be concerned both for the safety of your vehicle and the cost-effectiveness of your choice. Therefore ParkMeApp allows you to easily compare the price rates of Parking spots.

3. How does this work?

First, search for Parking spots that are nearby to your location.

The colour indicated spot bubbles will help you identify the free spots and the price rates.

Compare the prices and pick the cheapest and safest Parking spot for your vehicle.

Message to Parking Spot Owners?

Picking the cheapest Parking spot is a very crucial decision. Allow ParkMeApp to support you and make a comparative analysis on your own.

We appreciate your honest feedback and experience about this feature. Share your Experience below.

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