1. About Countdown Timer

As always ParkMeApp runs the extra mile to provide best service to its customer by facilitating value added services. Countdown Timer is a functionality which counts the time vehicle has parked in a parking spot.

2. Why do you need to use?

Majority of the people doesn’t have an idea about the time the vehicle has parked in a parking spot. Most of the people pay parking fees without awaring about the time they have consumed. With the ParkMeApp Countdown Timer users get away from the hassle of keep remind about time. At the end user will know the time he/she has consumed for parking and able to calculate the amount before going to payment counter.

3. How does this work?

First, park your vehicle and open the app. Redirect to “Parking Countdown” Page.

Select “Start” as soon you parked the vehicle.

Select “Stop” when you leaving the parking Spot.

Message to Parking Spot Owners?

Use ParkMeApp on a regular basis and you will be rewarded with many benefits. ParkMeApp will allow you to prioritize your options and make life much easier for you.

We appreciate your honest feedback and experience about this feature. Share your Experience below.

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