1. About this feature

We believe that customers should have the complete freedom to save and edit their user profiles with their vehicle information. Hence ParkMeApp allows the customer to be in charge.

2. Why do you need to use?

You can add your vehicle information to your profile if you wish, in order to customize it and make the best use of the services provided by ParkMeApp. As an owner of a vehicle, if you manage your User Profile with your vehicle information you will receive the maximum benefits of ParkMeApp.

3. How does this work?

You can go to user profile via settings page.

You can add information such as the Name, Vehicle number and the type, etc

Complete the profile information and manage it accordingly.

Message to Parking Spot Owners?

ParkMeApp enhances convenience and utility for the customers. We want our users to have an enjoyable parking experience!

We appreciate your honest feedback and experience about this feature. Share your Experience below.

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