Frequently Asked Questions

Effective as of 23rd of March 2017

1.Is this application available for free?

Yes, it is available for free. It can be downloaded and used without paying any cost.

2. Does ParkMeApp work on every smartphone?

Yes App is available for both Apple (Smartphones Only) and Android (SmartPhones & Tablets).

3. Do I need an account to use the app?

No, but if you create an account then you can access all features.

4. Do you’ll plan to charge from the parking spot owners for adding the locations through the app?

For now it is totally free, but in the future we might charge to cover our expenses.

5. Why do I need to install this app?

Well this app is created not only for vehicle owners, this can also be helpful for anyone who is planning to earn money by converting their free space into a parking spot.

Additionally this helps to reduce traffic by diverting the vehicles which are park on roads to the private locations.

6. Does google have this option?

Google uses historical data to track the availability but this is not an accurate way, it’s a probability. So our plan is to make it real time and we already allow the real time feature for private parking owners through their account. All they have to do is use two buttons to indicate Parking Available or Parking Full.

7. How do I know the Parking Spot is available before I reach to the spot. (Real-Time)?

We are working on real-time feature and it will be available for testing soon on Private locations only.

8. Does this app have Parking locations for everywhere?

As this app is totally a Sri Lankan based concept we mainly focus to reach all the Parking locations in Sri Lanka especially the main cities. We are working hard to get more new locations to ParkMeApp

9. Can I suggest a new location which I know?

Yes, We created a feature called “Become a Contributor” where anyone can suggest us new locations by providing us very basic details. Once you have submitted, our team will review and approve the location.

10. What is TBD?

TBD stands for ‘To Be Defined’ which means we know the spot where it’s located but not sure with the pricing and other details, but we think some of the people will find this helpful.

11. What is TPS?

TPS stands for ‘Temporary Parking Spots’ and you can identify the TPS on the left corner or right corner of the road (After White Stripe) This is not a legally approved parking space however you can temporarily park your vehicle at your own risk. Also as in the current Sri Lankan law police can take any action to remove the vehicle from the space. Especially avoid parking when the traffic is high in these areas. Additionally, If there is a Pedestrian crossing you can’t park within 15m before and after the crossing.

12. Can I save some parking spots or locations?

Yes, You can click on the star icon in the location detail page and mark the location as “Favorite”

13. Does this app suggest me any spots based on my current location?

Yes, app itself shows you all the nearby locations based on your current location

14. What is “Find my Car”?

This feature allows you to track your car by showing you the navigation. With this feature you don’t need to remember where exactly you parked your vehicle.

15. What is “Parking Countdown”?

Parking Countdown helps anyone to track the time you parked, this allows you to prevent anyone from cheating you and requesting extra money.

16. Can we review or see other user’s reviews about Parking Spots?

Yes we already testing this feature and it will come on next update, Stay in touch.