Terms and Conditions

Effective as of 23rd April 2019

Acceptance of the Terms & Service

Your use of the information, text, images and other services provided by ParkMeApp is subjected to the terms and conditions listed below. Please refer them carefully. By using the mobile service ParkMeApp, you agree to follow our terms and privacy policy. If you do not wish to adhere to these terms by any chance, please refrain from using this service. Please note that these terms are to be followed and respected by any user of this application despite of their conflicting personal interests. Therefore by using this service you reflect your consent and agreement to be bound by these terms at all times and under any circumstances.

Changes to the Terms

These terms and conditions may change over time. However the user will be notified whenever any alterations take place. All such amendments become effective upon your use of the service after such changes have been made. If you do not wish to follow the amended terms and conditions that come into effect after being notified to the user, you may refrain from using the service.

Access to the ParkMeApp

ParkMeApp is a completely free service and hence it can be download on Google Play or App Store for free. However the user has no right to resell, duplicate or transfer the service to a third party by modifying the service. Once an account is created by a user, the ParkmApp team has the authority to access user information. Selecting a parking location is inherently based on user preference and we are not responsible for availability of the car park. As ParkMeApp we will provide the user options as to where they could park their vehicle and direct them to the destination of their choice. Please note that we will not be liable for any damages and losses or any harassment that may occur in the car park.

Car Park Price

Application lists down all free and paid parkings with their price rates. Car park owner have the authority to change the prices or make free parking payable at any given time as for their preference. We are not responsible for any price changes made by owners and it’s owners responsibility to update the accurate price rates.

Intellectual Property Rights

Location identifying, location viewing, navigation and rest of the services offered on the map are facilitated via Google services with their trademark. Apart from that all the designs including graphics, scripts, interactive features, logos and other features are owned by or licensed to ParkMeApp. Hence, the user is not permitted to copy or distribute such factors to third parties for commercial use.

Technological Limitations

In some instances the user may face difficulties due to technical issues. However we guarantee to perform all the services to the best of our ability. Any technical issues will be fixed fast and efficiently to avoid any inconveniences.


Please note that if we identify any misuse of our services we have the ability to suspend an account or stop any type of service as we wish without any notice or explanation. ParkMeApp has the right to terminate user accounts or refuse services at its own discretion. However you also have the complete freedom to discontinue your use of the application. In such instances, the deletion of content you have previously saved on the system cannot be avoided and ParkMeApp will not be accountable for this.

About TBD

When to be defined appears for locations it means that prices are not defined and uncertain. Hence we will not be responsible for any change or inaccuracy when prices are stated as TBD.

Your Account

When you create an account, you are expected to provide accurate, true and complete data. The information provided by you should be true to the best of your knowledge. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and all affairs related to it. But we are committed to safeguard your privacy online. It is your responsibility to make us aware when any unauthorized activity related to your account or any breach of security concerning you takes place.

Technical Requirements

The user needs to access the internet through mobile data or wifi to enjoy the services offered by ParkMeApp. Hence, the speed of service will depend on the quality of internet connection. Users have to bear all expenses and charges emerging from the use of services, notifications and use of GPS. Also to install the app Andoid OS version should be minimum 4.1. Application doesn’t work below version 4.1 – Jelly Bean and therefore the application may not be supported by all mobile carriers.

Use Restrictions

Users are only allowed to use the information and content offered by ParkmAapp for personal use. If the content is used for any illegal purpose or other purposes, ParkMeApp has the legal authority to take action against the relevant party. Users are restricted from renting or leasing the services or content offered by ParkMeApp to a third party and displaying information regarding the performance of services and ParkMeApp content in public for the purpose of benchmarking.

Become an Owner and Contributor

Any individual can earn with ParkMeApp by providing parking facilities. Maintaining the accuracy of the information provided is a responsibility of the owner and we are not responsible for any misleading or inaccurate information displayed by owners. Any Location added by the contributor will be verified by ParkMeApp and if all the information is accurate it will be added to the application.

Links to / from Third-Party Websites

ParkMeApp may contain third party links to or from other websites for the purpose of reference. However these websites are not governed by us and we do not investigate into the accuracy of information provided by these websites. Therefore if you decide to download any software or use any services and products recommended by these websites it should be done upon your own willingness. The inclusion of these links on our application does not by any chance imply that we endorse or guarantee their services and products for your use. The decision to use these services should be made by you and their credibility is governed by their own terms and conditions. Therefore we may not be held responsible for any activities related to third party links given in our application.

Reviews, Comments, Communications and Other Content

Users may submit reviews, comments and ratings on the application. Users are also allowed to submit suggestions, comments, questions and ideas to ParkMeApp and other third party websites. However the user content you generate is your own responsibility. If any of this content is displayed in public or misused, ParkMeApp will not be accountable. The user also has to ensure that the User content does not or violate copyrights or any other form of rights of another person or organization. The User content generated must not be illegal, racist, discriminatory, threatening, pornographic or inappropriate. Please note that ParkMeApp has the right to monitor, remove and edit as well as the right to publish, use, adapt modify and display the content that is generated by you.

Disclosure of information due to National/Public security

Disclaimer: ParkMeApp takes no responsibility for the vehicles parked in commercial/government/private parking lots listed on our platform. Parking space owners deserve the authority to request the vehicles to be removed for security reasons-expressed or implied.

We are an online marketplace and take no responsibility for the purpose for which vehicle parking is used by our patrons. As a matter of business model, we don’t do any check on the background of our users and retain no information. If need be, we will disclose parking-related information and work with the national/international law enforcement agencies- supporting their efforts towards protecting national security.

Email: hello@parkmeapp.com